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NGU Group

NGU Group specialises in developing market-disruptive companies that seek to constantly innovate and deliver unique and exciting services to their clients.

NGU Group invests in a range of industries - technology, law, property development, finance, and more. In every environment we ensure the companies we invest in deliver a paradigm shifting experience in their market.

NGU Real Estate
A fast moving and rapidly expanding expert real estate group
NGU Property Developments
Bringing excellence and unmatched quality to residential development.
NGU Project Marketing
Combining decades of experience & knowledge to deliver quality built homes to our clients.
NGU Lawyers
A committed & resourceful group of cutting edge lawyers with real world commercial acumen.
NGU Technology
Building the tools that power the future.
NGU Finance
Over 20 years of collective experience and involvement in the finance industry.

About Emil Juresic, CEO

Chief Executive Officer, Emil Juresic, is a passionate entrepreneur with over 2 decades of experience in real estate, property development, information technology and finance.

Working tirelessly in property, Mr Juresic amassed a multi-million dollar property empire and enjoyed incredible commercial success in the areas of property and finance. Following the global financial crisis, Mr Juresic learned from commercial challenges and failures.

Today, Mr Juresic exemplifies the NGU brand, “Never Give Up”. He cultivates long term partnerships with his clients, imparts his invaluable skills and knowledge to benefit his clients and staff. He seeks out, talented, like-minded individuals who share his passion for excellence to join the NGU team.

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